Hi! I'm Susan Chiang, and this is where I share things I love and think you might love too. I'm a designer, architect, and creative. I believe in staying curious, simple joys, and that less really is more.  Here you'll find bits of pieces of my life including watercolors, design work, travels and the humble beginnings of a paper goods line. 

About the name rae + lily (read: rae and lily) :
 'Rae' is a nickname for our rescue pup, Raven. Even though she just naps all day instead of helping me with work, she's a pretty cute office mate!  'Lily' is the literal meaning of my own name, Susan.

Thank you so much for visiting and spending some of your time here. I hope you'll come find me and say 'hi'!

Here's where else you can find me: 

Photographs by: Ragi and Amanda

Photographs by: Ragi and Amanda